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Alan Oresky

Alan Oresky plays fiddle and mandolin with the group.

Alan has been a freelance musician for over forty years and has also been a public school instrumental music teacher for over thirty-six years. He is a founding member of The Fabrangen Fiddlers, a Jewish liturgical folk band based in the Washington, DC area since 1971. His work on violin and mandolin can be found on albums by The Fabrangen Fiddlers and David Shneyer (including Smokey Mt. Shabbes and Psalm Songs). He was also the fiddler and mandolinist in the Fast Flying Vestibule, an old-time country and Irish traditional band which performed frequently in the DC area from 1971 until 1978. He collaborated on Irish traditional music albums by the Fast Flying Vestibule, Seamus Kennedy and Iona, plus albums by Joe Glazer ("labor's troubadour"). A Dream of Peace is his critically acclaimed solo album, originally released in May, 1994.

Alan currently freelances in the Baltimore/Washington area and is a member of the Mark Novak Band. He is also the first mandolinist in Flory Jagoda's Altaras Ensemble. He recently was a guest fiddler in Robbie Ludwick's The Zion Mountain Boys.

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